About Us

Value Mediation and Arbitration Center was established in 2017 and aims to provide mediation and arbitration services in accordance with international standards in the field of law, in a professional manner and strictly adhering to ethical rules.

Our center, with its well-equipped staff, combines legal knowledge with mediation capabilities. It works with mediators and lawyers, each of whom are experts in their own fields, who have effective communication skills, can reach an agreement between the parties with impartial and realistic solutions as soon as possible. It aims to develop solutions to disputes by finding the common interests of the parties. It offers sustainable and permanent solutions in disputes between the parties. It carries out its activities in order to serve to ensure social peace and tranquility, and to resolve disputes amicably.

Our Center; Our solution partners, mediators affiliated with our center, lawyers interested in mediation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, natural and legal persons who want to benefit from our center; It aims to enable them to benefit from professional service quality without going beyond our corporate and ethical values, so that they can benefit from mediation, arbitration, training and consultancy.

Our center has comfortable, well-equipped meeting rooms with technological infrastructure, waiting rooms, private meeting rooms and a training hall. It has been designed considering all the needs for mediation and arbitration negotiations.

Mediators who are not partners of our center will also be able to hold their meetings within the scope of mediation, arbitration and alternative solutions at our center. Our meeting rooms are suitable for multi-participant meetings; There are computers, printers, telephones and stationery in the rooms.

Considering that mediation is everyone's right; It aims to carry out its activities with the Value Mediation and Arbitration Center and its solution partners with the aim of providing widespread, reliable and high quality service in the national and international arena.

Our Center; With its expert and well-equipped staff, combining its legal knowledge with mediation capabilities, it produces realistic solutions to disputes in a short time. It offers solution models that have no losers by finding the common interests of the parties in the resolution of disputes. To take the processes in secrecy and keep it. It also serves social peace by enabling the parties to maintain their personal, commercial and social relations with each other through alternative resolution methods.

Value Mediation and Arbitration Center; With its experience from the past, it continues on its way with the aim of providing quality mediation and arbitration services.